While a specific date can’t be confirmed, it's said that Bradford’s emergence onto the music scene was like a flash of silver light. It was after glimpsing a strand of Charlotte’s Web blowing in the wind that he decided the guitar would be the vehicle with which he would deliver his music. His fox-like cavorting combined with the dulcet sounds of his guitar lulls audiences into uncontrollable fits of dancing.


Dan has been playing large woodwinds since he was big enough to hold them. He, like Aaron, is a proud graduate of Northern Arizona University where he majored in Abnormally Large Woodwind Playing. Now with Mr. Incommunicado, Dan can share his love of abormally large things with everyone.


If Fonzie and Potsie had a love child, Billy would be the result. With a penchant for all things vintage (old & shitty) Billy has an unmistakable signature drumming style that won’t go unnoticed. You may see him unloading gear from one of his many vintage cars and you can be certain that his drum set will be period correct.


Aaron is a graduate of the Arcadia school district where he studied music, learned several horny instruments, and probably went out on a date once or twice. He was approached by a former schoolmate to join the Phoenix based ska band Liam & the Ladies. As this band wound down he joined the newly formed Mr. I. The band was instantly satisfied as the songs began a new life, the band became tighter, and the dead space was filled whenever the bass player paused to sing. Currently the group has several gigs pending, a fresh new line of merchandise, and a growing fan base.


Barton Applewhite is the premier bass player for March, 2012 in North Central Phoenix, specifically the North Cave Creek and Union Hills area for that time period. He was voted as the #3 riff generator of his block and voted Best Bass Player Ever of All Time by the United Bass Players of The Human Being Bassist Appreciationists. He can be recognized by his beard, which he wears as a Stylee, and several songs have been penned in his memoriam. Former bands include Kongo Shock, The Brown Tones and Polyester Applejazz. He runs the renowned Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery in Phoenix. He likes beer and has an unfortunate face.